Many people find peace of mind in listening to music, it can take all of our worries away for just a little while.  If music is your escape then you want music that can go with you anywhere.  Music apps that you can download onto your phone can give you that luxury.  Data rates are cheap and most of us have unlimited data on their phones so you don’t have to worry about spending hours listening to music.  Here are some of the best music apps to download and listen to your favorite tunes.


Spotify is hugely popular among music lovers all over the world.  You can follow your favorite bands and artists, not only that it allows you to sync with music on your desktop.  You can create your own “radio station” where it will play the type of music that interests you.  If you love hip hop then you can create a station where it plays you the latest hip hop tracks.  Spotify also works on whatever type of phone you have.  Here is how to use Spotify.

Google Play Music

Google music allows you to listen to your personal library without being bothered by ads.  If you have an Android phone then the app is already embedded in your phone.  You can play almost 50,000 songs which gives even the most zealous music lover more than enough music to last them for weeks.  You get to create playlists of songs you love, shuffle the tracks and there is no limitation, making the music app so easy to you.  You can subscribe for a low monthly fee, you can use it on either iOS or Android and it will work on your desk top too.


Pandora is a streaming app that you can use to explore the style of music you love.  You can put in the name of your favorite artists and Pandora will give you a list of other artist within a similar genre.  If you like a song you can rate it and you can bookmark all of the artists you love.  You will want to us Pandora somewhere that you can connect to WiFi for it to work best.  Pandora can be used on any type of mobile phone.

These are just a couple of the streaming sites where you can listen to your favorite artists, there are still plenty of others like Amazon, IHeartRadio and you can even create a play list on YouTube to hear your favorite tracks.